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3M 28 Acetate Cloth Tape

3M Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape 28 is an aesthetically pleasing tape which offers excellent conformability in coil wrapping applications up to 105°C. Acetate cloth tapes also offer excellent absorption of resins and varnishes.

Operating Temparature: 105 degree C

Thickness: 0.203 mm

Adhesive: Thermosetting rubber

Dielectric strength: 2500 V

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Key Highlights

3M Acetate Cloth Electrical Tape 28 is an acetate cloth electrical tape with a rubber thermosetting adhesive. The tape shall be white and 8 mils (0,203 mm) thick. This tape shall be coated on one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive, which shall not require heat, moisture or other preparation prior to or subsequent to application. The adhesive coating shall be smooth and uniform and be free of lumps and bare spots. There shall be no separator between adjacent layers of the roll. 3M cloth electrical tape 28 shall perform at a temperature of 221°F (105°C) to -40°F (-40°C) without loss of physical or electrical properties. To achieve maximum solvent resistance and holding performance, we suggest thermosetting the tape at one of the following cycles:

1 hour @ 150°C (300°F)

2 hours @ 135°C (275°F)

3 hours @ 120°C (250°F)