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ThermaVolt™ Calendered Insulation Paper

ThermaVolt™ inorganic-based paper has been developed to meet the high-performance required for use in high-temperature, dry-type transformers. ThermaVolt offers good dielectric characteristics and thermal conductivity – making it especially suitable for use as interwinding insulation in strip-wound coils. ThermaVolt has been designed for use as major ground insulation in electrical insulation systems up to Class 220(R).

Operating Temparature: 220

Thickness: 3Mil to 10Mil

Dielectric strength: 6kV

Thermal conductivity: 0.21

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Key Highlights


High Temperature Electrical insulation for:

1) Dry-Type Transformers

• Ground Insulation

• Phase Insulation

• Layer Insulation

• Interwinding for foil wound designs

2) Electromagnet Coils


Major Features and Benefits:

• UL Systems Recognition* – Class 220 (R)

• High Inorganic Content

• Excellent Thermal Conductivity

• Good Dielectric Breakdown Resistance

• Reduce costs with improved processability

• Low Moisture Absorption

• Thicknesses: 3 mils (.08mm) to 10 mils (.25mm)

* All electrical insulation systems testing per UL 1446 and IEC 61857