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CeQUINBORD® CGA is a high inorganic content board composed primarily of glass fibers and microfibers, inorganic fillers, and less than 10% organic binders. It is capable of long-term performance at temperatures exceeding 250°C. CeQUINBORD CGA is available as trimmed 48" x 48" (1220 mm x 1220 mm) boards in thicknesses ranging from 1/32" (.79 mm) to 3/8" (9.5 mm). PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS CeQUINBORD CGA is directly related to IPT’s CeQUIN I inorganic papers and exhibits many of the same high-performance capabilities of these products in semi-rigid board form. The high inorganic content of CGA boards provides exceptional thermal and dielectric stability for high temperature electrical insulation applications, along with good thermal conductivity to help dissipate heat build-up in electrical equipment. CGA boards are easily impregnated and fully compatible with standard varnishes and resins, and since they do not readily absorb moisture, they do not require extended drying time prior to saturation. CeQUINBORD CGA is UL Recognized as suitable for use in electrical insulation systems rated from Class 130(B) through Class 220(R). CeQUINBORD CGA is a UL Recognized Component with both 94V-0 and 94-5VA Flame Class Ratings. It can be used in applications requiring flame retardant materials or where maximum resistance to flame burn-through is required.

Operating Temparature: 250

Dielectric breakdown: 28kV

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Key Highlights


High Temperature Electrical Insulation for:

1) Dry-Type Transformer

• Spacer Sticks

• Core Tubes

• Barrier Insulation

• Pads

• End Fill

2) Traction Motors, Generators

3) Switchgear

4) Flame Barrier insulation for:

• Home appliances (washers, dryers)

• Electronic devices (TVs, computers, microwave ovens) 

5) Heat Sinks

6) Specialty Gaskets