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3M TufQUIN 110

TufQUIN products are a hybrid inorganic/organic paper based upon advanced manufacturing techniques. TufQUIN offers the high-temperature capabilities of inorganic materials combined with the high mechanical strength gained by the use of organic fiber. TufQUIN papers can be combined with polyester film to form a flexible laminate uniquely suited for high temperature electrical insulation applications. TufQUIN 110 is flexible, conformable paper exhibiting physical toughness in the form of high tensile strength and excellent tear resistance. TufQUIN 110 offers good dielectric characteristics and thermal conductivity in conjunction with high temperature performance.

Operating Temparature: 200

Thickness: 2Mil to 10Mil

Dielectric breakdown: 2kV

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Key Highlights


• Physically tough

• Maintains dielectric strength under high humidity

• Cost effective

• Excellent stiffness

• High thermal conductivity

• UL® Systems Recognition through Class 200(N)

• CSA Component Acceptance: Temperature Class




• Transformers, Coils, Reactors (layer, barrier and endturn

insulation for dry-type)

• Spiral- and Convolute-wound Tubing

• Motors and Generators (slot, phase and wedge insulation)

• Wire and Cable Wrap

• Switchgear Insulation

• Capacitor Layer Insulation

• Pressure Sensitive Tapes