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3M TufQUIN 120

TufQUIN products are a hybrid inorganic/organic paper based upon advanced manufacturing techniques. TufQUIN offers the high-temperature capabilities of inorganic materials combined with the high mechanical strength gained by the use of organic fiber. TufQUIN papers can be combined with polyester film to form a flexible laminate uniquely suited for high temperature electrical insulation applications. Generically the same as TufQUIN 110, TufQUIN 120 employs a modified manufacturing process that yields thicker constructions while maintaining conformability.

Operating Temparature: 200°C

Thickness: 7.5Mil to 20Mil

Dielectric breakdown: 3.3kV

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Key Highlights


  • Physically tough
  • Maintains dielectric strength under high humidity
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent stiffness
  • High thermal conductivity
  • UL® Systems Recognition through Class 200(N)
  • CSA Component Acceptance: Temperature Class 200°C


  • Transformers, Coils, Reactors (layer, barrier and endturn insulation for dry-type)
  • Spiral- and Convolute-wound Tubing
  • Motors and Generators (slot, phase and wedge insulation)
  • Wire and Cable Wrap
  • Switchgear Insulation
  • Capacitor Layer Insulation
  • Pressure Sensitive Tapes